Why is my order not being processed after my e-transfer has been sent?

Our system only moves orders into processing once your e-Transfer has been matched against your order number (included in the notes section of your e-Transfer) and then accepted by our accounts team. 

*Please allow up to 4 hours for the Interac e-Transfer to deliver your funds to our payment system. 

If your order remains on hold for longer than 12 hours and your e-transfer is still pending, this is because our system has not received your payment. 

Why has my e-Transfer not been received?

If your e-Transfer is still pending, or has not been received, this could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. Our system is unable to match your payment to your order when no purchase order (PO) number is included in the notes section of your e-Transfer. 

  2. Our system has not received your e-Transfer because you have sent the payment to the incorrect email address. 

  3. Our system has not received your e-Transfer because your bank has flagged the transaction as suspicious, and needs to be contacted for confirmation to proceed with the transfer.

  4. Our system is unable to accept the e-Transfer, because you have not included the correct question and answer as stated in the payment instructions. 

If your orders' payment can not be accepted due to any of the reasons above you will be notified with an email from the accounts team. If no payment is received after 24 hours, your order will automatically be cancelled and can not be re-opened again, a new order must be made. 

What happens to my e-transfer if my order becomes cancelled?

We do not cancel any pending e-transfers received, even after an order is cancelled. This is to avoid the bank holding the sender's money for a month after the e-transfer is cancelled. As such all e-transfers must be cancelled on the senders end to ensure their is no delay in the return of funds to their account.

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