Haven't received an order confirmation email with the payment instructions or the tracking information? Don't panic! There are some simple checks you can make before contacting customer support.

  • Has Pot Cargo ever been flagged as spam by your email? If yes, make sure to check your spam and junk folders.

When emails from Pot Cargo have been marked as spam, our server automatically flags the recipient as no longer wanting to receive emails from us, and will stop sending them all together. It's always a good idea to add us to your contact list to ensure the confirmation emails are not lost! 

  • Are you checking the right email account? Your order confirmation emails will always be sent to the email account that you have registered with your Pot Cargo profile.

  • Have a full inbox? The email could have been received and have moved down in the list of received emails in your inbox. 

  • Like to filter your emails into folders? Sometimes email filters may pick up key words and re-allocate our emails into different folders that they weren't allocated to.

  • Still can't find the confirmation email, but just want to know if your order was successfully submitted? Simply log into your profile and click on the tab "ORDER HISTORY" to view the status of your order. See below:

Status Key:

  • On Hold - Your order has been successfully received and we are awaiting your payment. 

  • Processing - Your payment has been received and matched with your order. Your order is now being fulfilled. 

  • Completed - Your order has been shipped! You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking link by 6pm PST the same day your item is shipped.

Still can't find the confirmation email? Our e-transfer payment details are always the same. Just make sure to include your new order number in the notes section of your transfer. The processing of your order should then be smooth sailing!

Still need the details sent to you? No worries! Simply, speak with one of our friendly customer support agents via our online chat, or alternatively, email your payment information request to [email protected].

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