Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use your Subculture device:

  1. Charge the pen battery by threading the charger into the end of the battery, and connect the other end of the chord to a USB device or outlet.

  2. Once fully charged, remove the charger and thread the cartridge onto the battery.

  3. Click the button 5 times fast to turn on the device. A white light will flash to indicate when the device is on.

  4. Hold the button down to activate and inhale from the mouthpiece. A white light should illuminate around the button to indicate the device is active while pressing down (if you do not see this, try clicking 5 times again to ensure the device is not turned off).

  5. You can moderate your dosage by the length of your inhale.

  6. Be sure to always inhale when holding down the button, as this will continue to burn the distillate and can result in lost product.

  7. Once you have finished use, press the button 5 times fast to turn off the device.

Extra Tips:

Subculture pens come with temperature settings on their batteries. These settings can be activated by clicking the button 3 times to cycle through them.

The variable voltage settings can be seen in the image below, along with their corresponding light colour:


BLUE 3.1 V

RED 3.6 V

*Please note, all Pot Cargo vape pens must be used with the corresponding cartridges and batteries as provided by the vendor. If you experience malfunctions with a device due to mixing brands the pen warranty will be void.

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