Navigating vape pen issues can be confusing, here is some information from our product team to cover the basics of how to best maintain your vape product:


  • When your vape pen isn’t in use, the best way to store your device is turned off and detached from any cartridges.


  • Charging your vape device should take no more than 1 - 2 hours. When your charge is complete it is best to unplug the charger from your device. Do not leave attached overnight

  • Do not charge a vape battery with a cartridge still attached

  • Turn off your device before charging.

  • Fast charge cables or blocks are not compatible with our vape products and should not be used, doing so will cause malfunction

  • If your battery has stopped recharging: Micro USB charger: this may indicate the USB port has been severed 510 thread to USB charger: ensure that both connection plates are clean from any residue or liquid

Cartridge Trouble Shooting:

  • Ensure both connection points are free of any debris, residue, or liquid

  • Cartridges can become clogged in-between use or during transportation. If your cartridge is not producing any vapor, take as strong an inhale you can, a ‘pop’ sound should be heard which will indicate the airway has been cleared.

  • HTFSE, Live Resin, and CO2 vape products can alter consistency during transportation. If this occurs, no need to worry, the oil simply needs to be warmed back up! Try holding the cartridge portion in your hand for up to a minute or use a blow dryer aimed at the cartridge. Alternatively, you can place the vape pen in a plastic baggie and submerge only the cartridge portion into warm water - make sure your baggie is closed tight so the cartridges does not get wet!

If any issues persist with your purchased vape product, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team via our online chat or email us at [email protected].

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