There are a number of reasons why your package may have the status "Successfully Delivered " but you have not yet received the item. No need to panic! Often your item has not been lost or stolen, just delayed in delivery. 

This may arise because:

  1. The postal worker will scan all packages saying they were "Successfully Delivered" then spends that day and/or the following business day completing delivery.

  2. The postal worker has placed the package in the wrong mailbox. We recommend checking with you neighbour before lodging a missing package complaint.

Note: If your Canada Post shipping status is "Successfully Delivered" and you did not receive your package within 2 business days of the update, please contact us and we will file a trace with Canada Post. We are committed to ensuring you receive your package, every time, as fast as possible.

If a trace is filed, Canada Post will conduct an investigation which can take up to two weeks to complete. If the item has not been located or no result is yielded from Canada Post, we will then offer you the option to place a one-time replacement order, free of charge; or you can choose to receive a refund in Cargo Points.

You will be required to provide an alternate address at the time of replacement.

To better ensure your package's delivery, we recommend:

  • To double check the shipping address you have provided is correct and most up to date. You can simply check this by logging into your profile and viewing your account details.

  • If you have a community mailbox, make sure you specify the mailbox number, and that your mail box is secured.

  • Before lodging a missing package complaint, check with your neighbours to see if they accidentally received your package.

*Please note, Pot Cargo does not offer cash refunds of any kind.

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