To place an order, you must first verify that you are 19 years or older. To complete this age verification process, we require you to upload a photo ID during the sign up process, or have the ID uploaded on to your profile once you account has been set up.

Photo ID Requirements
Your ID must meet ALL of the following criteria to be approved. 

It must:

  • be government issued (ie. driver's license, health card, proof of age or passport).
  • clearly display your name, date of birth and the expiry date.
  • not be not expired
  • contain the same name as the one you have entered in your profile.

Please note as stated above,  if any of the above conditions are not met, you will not be approved and your account will be removed without notice.

Having trouble uploading your ID?
We are always here to help! If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your ID, please email your photo ID to [email protected]. It will then be automatically uploaded to your account.

Worried about your information security?
We understand your concern. To ensure your information is safe and secure, your account is protected with the highest standard of encryption globallyn available (256 bit). If you don't feel comfortable sharing a photo of yourself or your home address, we are happy to accept identification with your image and address blocked out. Please also know we also do not share your information with any third party companies.

Examples of acceptable ID with information blocked out:

Still have questions or concerns? Please do not hesitate to reach out. Speak with one of our friendly customer support agents any time between 9am - 5pm PST from Monday to Friday.

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