We offer next day shipping, five days a week!

How does it work?

Place your order and payment before 12:00pm noon, Sunday-Thursday, to have it shipped out the very next day!

Three pro tips to make sure your order ships on time:

  1. It can take the Interac system up to three hours to direct your payment to us, so make sure to pay early to ensure that your payment is received before noon!
  2. Want your order shipped on Monday? Pay anytime between after noon on Thursday until before noon on Sunday. 
  3. Canada Post operates Monday - Friday only, so we will not be shipping packages on the weekend. Feel free however, to place orders, make payments, and check the status of your order any time through your online account.

Want to figure out the best day for you to place your order? See the table below to select a day you want your order shipped and when payment must be received to make this happen.

Missed the 12:00pm Deadline? No Problem!
Orders paid for after 12:00pm will ship the following business day.
Example: If you pay at 1:00pm on Monday, your package will ship on Wednesday.

Happy shopping!

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